Dr Petros Papapanagiotou

Head of Development - Tech Consultant

Advanced Care Research Centre

The Advanced Care Research Centre Programme is a complementary programme of research and development to deliver innovation and change to later life care. It has the following vision:

High‐quality data‐driven, personalised and affordable care that supports the independence, dignity and quality‐of‐life of people in later life living in their own homes and in supported care environments.

It is a large, multidisciplinary programme, involving 6 themes of core work and a doctoral Academy, and funded by Legal & General. More information can be found at the official website.

I am part of the academic team involved in the new technologies of care theme, aiming to develop and validate algorithms to predict short-term and long-term deterioration and perform health and social care interventions accordingly, based on AI techniques and sensor data.

circular diagram labelled 'Model-Coordinate-Analyse-Predict' and 5 perimetric circle nodes titled 'Older Person', 'Healthcare', 'Community', 'Smart Devices' and 'Social Care' respectively

Figure 1: Our team’s vision within the ACRC.

Topics of interest include:

I am particularly interested in developing formal workflow decision models for health and social care interventions for people in later life. This involves the development of logic-based models to provide a consistent care pathway that incorporates individual needs and environments, and makes productive use of user input and sensor data streams.

Modern smart home and wearable sensor data offer unique opportunities for personalised, unobtrusive health monitoring. One particular aspect we are investigating is Activities of Daily Living and how detecting, explaining, or even predicting deviations from normal and healthy routines can lead to improved health outcomes and prevent adverse events. For this purpose, we are using a combination of formal models, process mining, and explainable AI techniques.