Dr Petros Papapanagiotou

Chancellor's Fellow in Digital Technologies


I am interested in AI for workflow management (including modelling, mining, enactment, simulation, monitoring, analysis, and prediction), and particularly in the combination of formal models and data-driven methods in a process-oriented approach.

hexagonal tiles labelled 'Process Modelling & Mining', 'Workflow Analysis and Deployment', 'Formal Methods', 'Internet of Things', 'Manufacturing Industry 4.0', 'Health & Social Care' and 'Technology Innovation' and relevant imagery

This involves the development of computational process models describing the activities of an individual or an organisation. These models can help us analyse and reason about the underlying processes, for instance from an operational perspective, in terms of improving or optimising them, identifying issues and bottlenecks, and even predicting the future. The Internet of Things comes in very handy in this context. We can use an abundance of sensor data, including those from wearable devices, smart homes and the Industry 4.0, to understand what is actually happening in the physical world and map this to our models for more accurate and realistic analysis. Formal methods can help us build semantically rich models that are verifiably correct, as well as enable further mathematical reasoning and verification of various qualitative and quantitative properties.

There are 2 main areas of applications that I am working on, namely health and care and manufacturing, and I am open to exploring further opportunities and domains. I am also more widely interested in technology innovation, with challenges around data governance, co-production and requirement analysis, ethics, adoption, change management etc.

AI Modelling

Process & Data


process modelling & process mining formal methods/verification
workflow analysis and enactment health informatics
simulation and optimisation process innovation
complex IoT event analysis data governance
event-based, distributed & multi-agent systems social machines
operations research Digital Economy & Industry 4.0
decision support digital threads